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 Legends Of Tomorrow (2015)
 Rôle : Leonard Snart/Capitaine Cold
 Début du tournage: En production
 Genre:Action, Drama, aventure
 Sortie US :???
 Sortie FR :???
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 The Flash (2014)
 Rôle : Leonard Snart/Capitaine Cold
 Début du tournage: En production
 Genre:Action, Drama, aventure
 Sortie US :7 octobre 2014
 Sortie FR :???
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Mobilisons nous pour la production de The mourning portrait
Let's mobilise in support of The Mourning Portrait production

[ Version Française ] Mobilisons nous pour la production de The mourning Portrait.

As we told you in June, The Mourning Portrait team does not have the necessary amount to make ends meet for that film, in which Wentworth Miller should play one of the leading roles. So, they appeal to the public for donation. Without that help, the film will not be made, at least not in the coming months.

Our team has been in touch with one of the film producer, Mr. Stephen Corbin, since March. He very kindly answered our questions about the future of the film and you can read his answers on our website. So, we decided to answer their appeal and to do anything we can to help them out. This time, we have gotten in touch with all the producers and we suggested them that we put our two platforms at their disposal to relay their appeal to as many people as possible around the world. That suggestion really appealed to them and touched them. They called us personally from the United States to talk about how we could collaborate.

During this discussion, Cordelia Stephens, one of the Belladonna Productions producers, confirmed us that Wentworth Miller is very attached to this project. She also said that us, the fans, can help in two different ways. The first one is the financial involvement to the project. This other one, absolutely free, is to mobilize and massively answer the poll on the film official website and demand that the film play in theaters in your own country.

To start the movie, $1, 400 000 are still missing. Obviously, even with a lot of generosity and a lot of good will put the amount together, even with many participants, will be very difficult. However, if the list of the participants grows, even with small donations, or if the public mobilizes to demand that the film play all around the world, that can only encourage some investors to give the missing sum. To reassure all the participants about how serious they are when they appeal for funds, the film team sent us a message signed by Max Molishever, Belladonna Productions, that explains their project and how they will use that money :

Explains their project and how they will use that money.

As it is said on their website, if unfortunately the film is not made by December 2012, the production vows to return all the sponsorship money by Paypal. Cordelia Stephens directly confirmed that to us on the phone. So we encourage you to use Paypal to sponsor the film.

We would like to make clear that with our suggestion, we only relay the Mourning Portrait team’s appeal. In no way, will we take advantage of this operation. Also, nobody can hold us responsible in any way if the movie doesn't grow or if the advanced sums are not paid off.
Our site does not allow you to sponsor the film or even to answer the poll in any way. To do that you have to go directly to the film official website there : http://www.themourningportrait.com

With this message, we relay Belladonna Productions appeal to rally all Wentworth Miller’s fans in the world. Besides giving a chance to that movie, you will be proud that you helped a big American film to be made in which your favorite star will play a leading role. To have proof of that you will have your name on the sponsors list.

In return for your sponsorship, the production offers you gifts according to the money you give. You will find all the details by clicking on this link :

What do I get in retourn for my sponsoriship ?

We do hope that a lot of you will take part of this endeavor. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information and spread the message around you as much as you can!

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